1. 100
    Million People Affected by Pollution
  2. 50%
    Worldwide Projected Cancer Rate Increase
  3. 52%
    Of Annual Deaths Are Caused Pharmaceutical Drugs
  4. 74%
    Of Americans Report Dissatistfaction with Healthcare
With a changing world there needs to be a new approach to health and wellness that leads individuals to their highest health potential and not just to an absence of illness. Med Free America isn't just about becoming medication free, although there are many that would love to achieve that goal. Rather it is about Medical Freedom in America. We need ownership of our health and healthcare, freedom of choice, whether that is in choosing a doctor, a holistic health practitioner, or choosing what modality works for you. Med Free America is about a paradigm change that recognizes that the individual matters and we want to be your "go-to" source of information on natural health.

Our Mission

As an organization, we advocate for pioneering services and solutions that advance healthcare as we know it today. As a company, our knowledge of natural health empowers the aging adult with the ability to optimize their health and wellness. 
Raymond Francis, an MIT scientist discusses how conventional medicine is a mistake of historic proportions. He explains how goals to drive profit loom over real health effectiveness.

Dr. Kelly McCann discusses a new approach to healthcare that involves the best practices of conventional medicine in addition to the practices of natural alternative practices that are proving to show great promise for the future of healthcare. 
  1. Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food.


  2. Health is simply not the absence of sickness.

    ~Hannah Green~

Do You Take Too Many Pills?
What  you need to know about Iatrogenic effect...
Iatrogenesis is anything that causes harm to health posed by any medical treatment, drug, or medical professional. Our country has hit a critical junction. If we continue on our current path, what will be the outcome? Statistics already look pretty dismal. For example:

According to Dr. Axe, conventional medicine is the leading cause of death in the U.S. today "with 783,936 deaths a year."(as cited in Axe, J.)  U.S. News reported at the start of this year that when compared to 60 other countries, the U.S. ranked 15th for health care. We have a system that is broken and completely out of control.

Additionally, those that do survive medicine related mistakes often become sicker and require more treatment. 

Jackie Glatter, a spokeswoman for the Consumer Association that lobbies for patient's rights, says, " there is a high need for detailed and precise information - not just in hospitals, but also when people are taking medicine at home" (Grisanti, R. 2014). However, we need to do more than just teach people about medicine. Our country's whole healthcare system needs an overhaul, and we need to stop this madness.

People need to go back to a more natural way of treating and preventing chronic lifestyle-related illnesses. Isn't it bad enough that one person can have various prescriptions from multiple doctors, but what happens when you add up all of the over the counter preparations in addition to the ones given by the physician? No wonder many are facing such a lethal combination in a nation hooked on medication. Discover more by clicking the icon above next to the title.

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Grisanti, R. (2014) Iatrogenic disease: The 3rd most fatal disease in the USA.  Retrieved from

Our Environment is Changing
Did You Know?
Health Care Needs to Change
Our water, air, and the food we eat are contaminated with pollutants. Do you know what is safe to eat or drink and what to avoid?
That among our nation's biggest killers, like cancer, heart disease, and diabetes, people die from adverse reactions to prescription drugs and or medical treatments.
Dissatistfaction with our country's current health care system is and will be a very hot topic until we change it and gains back the satistfaction from the people. 
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